Who is Sage Vals?

“Cynical, bored, and seen it all before… A right of centre liberal (small “L”) with concerns about civil liberties, democratic deficits and the breakdown of civil society in the UK (and, when I can be bothered, abroad)”

Based in the United Kingdom and resident in London, Sage Vals is a very occasional below-the-line commentator on both the Guardian and Telegraph websites.

He is regularly annoyed by the ignorance of science displayed by many so-called “science” correspondents in the main-stream media, and secretly hopes one day to be asked to be one so he can show ’em how its done.

Sage holds graduate degrees in both science and the humanities.

Posts on this blog are likely to be few and far between, but perhaps, one day Sage will stop moaning BTL and publish something for others to quibble at instead. If he does, posts are likely to be about science, history, environment, political and general philosophy or just possibly ¬†economics…