Rising Sea Levels & Pacific Atolls – The Whole Story

Compare and contrast these two versions of the ‘Marshall Islands skeletons’ story. The BBC’s default position is obvious, so much so that the cited UN document was clearly not read properly by Matt McGrath making his piece poor journalism to say the least. The Telegraph piece by Jonathan Pearlman does present both sides of the story



By Paul Homewood



The Telegraph report:

The skeletons of 26 Japanese soldiers who died during World War II have been washed from their graves in the low-lying Marshall Islands, prompting warnings by the nation that its future is under threat from rising sea levels.

The nation of 70,000 people revealed the extent of the devastation during United Nations climate change talks in Germany, saying global warming was ruining crops and that sea rises were overrunning parts of the islands. The nation’s 1,000-plus islands are only about six feet above sea level – and scientists are predicting a three- to six-foot rise in sea levels by the end of the century.

“There are coffins and dead people being washed away from graves – it’s that serious,” said Tony de Brum, the foreign minister. “Even the dead are affected”.

The nation, which lies between Hawaii and Australia, was the scene of…

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