Recent advancements on the “consensus” science front

Incredible. Statistics 101 “bleedin’ obvious” appears in academic journal. Waste of funders cash.

Ecologically Orientated

Real good news from the world of science, just last week. Science as we all know, is all about “pushing the envelope”, about stretching the frontiers of knowledge, about intrepid explorations right on that knife-edged ridge that typically divides brilliance from ignorance and ineptitude. Science–let’s cut to the chase here–is all about putting it all out there on the line, in the quest for deep truths that affect us all.

Just last week, Climatic Change pushed on that envelope big time, with a fabulous discovery. A team of four researchers have discovered that, in situations where you’re having trouble getting people to buy in on the “consensus” on some topic, what you want to do in there is to use either “simple text” or a “pie chart”. A random example might be say, a supposed 97.1 percent consensus regarding climate change. For those unfamiliar with pie charts, these are…

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