Ice Sheet Melting a Teeny-Weeny Bit. Perhaps?

There is a new scare story about ice sheet melting being put about by the Climate News Network, and written by Tim Radford. This is based on a paper by V. Helm, A. Humbert, and H. Miller, published in “The Cryosphere” . “Elevation and elevation change of Greenland and Antarctica derived from CryoSat-2″ doi:10.5194/tc-8-1539-2014.

The story has appeared in the Grauniad and in RTCC (Responding to Climate Change) and possibly elsewhere.

This is what I posted below the line on RTCC about the story. As they pre-moderate their site, it may not see the light of day there, so here it is:

“So, taking Antarctic melt figures of 125 cubic kilometres as above, and total Antarctic ice sheet volume of about 25.4 million cubic kilometres, this gives an annual melt rate of 0.0005%.

This is tiny, well within natural variation, and possibly within margins of error for this kind of work.

The quoted result for Greenland is perhaps a little more statistically significant at 0.01%, but is still tiny enough to be questionable.

In either case, three years of data cannot reasonably establish a long term trend.

This report is pure rubbish. If it represents the actual research,[It appears to!] then the scientists conclusions are unsupported and it should not have been published in this form.”

Steven Goddard has also written about this research in considerably more detail.

Update!! Despite my cynicism, RTCC did eventually allow my post. I apologise for doubting them!